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3-IN-1 SIM

Standard, Micro and Nano formats on a single card.

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Pay as you go SIM

No contracts. Just great rates and flexible plans.

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5G is around 10 times faster than 4G. it’s live on giffgaff!

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  How do I keep my current mobile number when I join giffgaff?

Step 1

Text “PAC" to 65075 from your old SIM (not your new giffgaff one).

Step 2

Activate your giffgaff SIM

Step 3

Go to our number transfer page to enter your PAC

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Giffgaff monthly deals

Forget about contracts, giffgaff sim only deals (we call it a goodybag) give you the flexibility to change your plan whenever you need it.

  All our monthly plans come with unlimited UK calls and texts.

Golden Goodybags

  More data than our regular plans

  Recurring plans with no contract

  4G and 5G-ready

£10 golden goodybag deal giffgaff

9 GB
Unlimited calls

  1 GB extra data

£15 golden goodybag monthly deal giffgaff

25 GB
Unlimited calls

  1 GB extra data

£20 golden goodybag deal giffgaff

100 GB
Unlimited calls

  1 GB extra data

£35 golden goodybag monthly deal giffgaff

Unlimited Data
Unlimited calls


More Goodybags

  Flexible plans to suit your needs

  Change or cancel your plan anytime

£6 goodybag deal giffgaff

500 MB
Unlimited calls

£8 goodybag monthly deal giffgaff

3 GB
Unlimited calls

£12 goodybag deal giffgaff

6 GB
Unlimited calls

  1 GB extra data

£12 goodybag monthly deal giffgaff

10 GB
Unlimited calls

  1 GB extra data

£15 goodybag monthly deal giffgaff

15 GB
Unlimited calls

  1 GB extra data

£20 goodybag monthly deal giffgaff

80 GB
Unlimited calls

  1 GB extra data

£25 goodybag monthly deal giffgaff

Always On Data
Unlimited calls


 Frequently asked questions about Giffgaff Goodybags
Goodybags are SIM plans packed full of data and comes with unlimited UK minutes and texts. You can see all the goodybag deals in the table above.
A goodybag lasts for a month and can be set to recur automatically. If you run out of data before the end of the month, you can start your next goodybag early.
You can use your goodybag both in the UK and in the EU. They cover most things you might need to use your phone for but there are a few little extras that fall outside your goodybag. For these extras, you will need to buy credit.
International calls and text messages are not included in goodybags. To call or send messages abroad you will have to top up your balance, called "Airtime Credit" at giffgaff.
Our golden goodybags are a special range that give you even more data than our regular plans. They're also our first goodybags that are 5G-ready. golden goodybags will also work in your 3G or 4G phone.
  • 5G-ready. You’ll also need a 5G SIM and a 5G phone.
  • Unlimited UK calls and texts.
  • 1 GB extra data from your third goodybag.
  • EU roaming included up to 20 GB.
  • No contract.
  • To enjoy these extra golden gigabytes you'll have to set your plan to recur each month.
  • You can still change or cancel your plan anytime you fancy.
  • If you do change or cancel your plan or turn off recurring, you'll still have the extra data until your golden goodybag expires.

The new generation of mobile is here. To get on 5G, you’ll need:

  • 5G phone
  • 5G plan (Golden goodybags)
  • 5G coverage
  • 5G giffgaff SIM

You'll also need to enable 5G in your phone settings and make sure the software is up to date.

All goodybags offer 4G connection. To navigate at speeds of 4G, you must have a mobile phone adapted to this type of connection.
Of course, you can, you don't need the latest mobile phone to enjoy your giffgaff SIM card. Unfortunately, with a 3G connection phone, you will not be able to get the advantage of 4G connection, but the rest of services will work correctly.
If you spend the data to browse the internet or your minutes on calls in less than 30 days, do not worry, you can buy a new goodybag plan and start using it.
Keep in mind that when you use a new goodybag plan within the 30 days of your previous goodybab, you will lose the remaining minutes on calls, data or text that you might have on your previous plan.
If you do not want to start using your next goodybag, you can browse 2p / MB in case you have spent your data, and in the case of calls and SMS, you will pay the established rates. To do this, you have to have enough Airtime Credit (Balance) on your giffgaff SIM card.
You'll always have data. Hooray. After your first 80GB, you´ll experience a reduced data speed (384 kbps from 8am to midnight). You might then notice activities using a lot of data, like HD video streaming, will be slower.
If you have set up the auto top-up payment method in your giffgaff profile, your new goodybag plan will be activated when your current goodybag ends after 30 days of use.
If you have not set up the automatic payment method, then you will have to pay another goodybag plan manually from your giffgaff profile. We recommend you set up the payment method automatically so you do not have to worry about running out of service and having to make a payment manually each time you need it.
Of course, tethering is allowed on all goodybags or gigabags plans with a limited amount of data, in other words, all except for the 25£ - goodybag.

Giffgaff pay as you go rates

Included as part of your monthly deal (goodybag)

Mobile data 5p per MB
Calls to other UK mobiles, landlines and calls forwarding 25p per minute
Texts to other UK mobiles and landlines 10p per text
Voicemail (443) 8p per call
Calls to freephone numbers starting 0800, 0808 Free
Calls, texts and call forwarding to giffgaff numbers Free*

*Free to giffgaff:

You need to add credit or buy a goodybag at least once every 3 months to receive free giffgaff to giffgaff calls if you don't other UK rates will apply as above. The free giffgaff to giffgaff calls last for 1 hour per call, so you need to hang up and call again if you want to keep talking, without being charged.

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  • Check how much data you have left.
  • Buy or recur a plan.
  • Keep an eye on when your plan expires.
  • Add credit or turn on auto top up.
  • Pay with a saved card or PayPal.
  • Redeem a voucher.
  • Access the community.
  • Add multiple giffgaff accounts.
  • Access thousands of WiFi hotspots across the UK with WiFi Extra.

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  Giffgaff Coverage for 99% of the UK population

Giffgaff connects to O2's network, so you can find good coverage in almost every area in the UK.

Please note that giffgaff does not serve Isle of Mann or the Channels Islands.

International abroad calls rates giffgaff

Calling abroad from the UK?

Giffgaff offers competitive rates for calling abroad while you are in the UK.



giffgaff Ireland flag  Ireland 5p/min 2p/min
giffgaff usa flag  USA 2p/min 2p/min
giffgaff India flag  India 2p/min 2p/min
giffgaff Spain  flag  Spain 9p/min 2p/min
giffgaff Italy flag  Italy 7p/min 3p/min
giffgaff France flag  France 5p/min 2p/min
giffgaff Colombia flag  Colombia 4p/min 4p/min
giffgaff Chine flag  Chine 2p/min 2p/min
giffgaff Poland flag  Poland 5p/min 2p/min
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Giffgaff has always worked very hard to give its customers the best experience in dealing with the company.

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giffgaff reviews Trustpilot

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SIM only vs. contracts

What is a SIM only deal?

A SIM only deal gives you an allowance of data, minutes and texts, all on one SIM card. You can change your plan each month. We don't tie you down. You're free to leave when you want, but we'd love it if you stay.

SIM only deals offer short term agreements at cheap costs as a mobile handset is not included. Attractive tariffs are offered by the network providers offering more minutes, data and texts.

Usually those that are looking for these types of deals already have a mobile phone. This can be if the current contract has expired or they are looking to activate an old phone with a new line.

With the sheer competition amongs phone service providers today allows users to get some fantastic packages.

Why SIM only vs. contracts?

They offer you better value for money, then pay as you go rates with no hidden costs. Packed with UK data, minutes and texts to be used at your leisure. Just pop a giffgaff SIM into your phone and away you go.

SIM Deals vs Pay as you go SIM (PAYG)

SIM card deals frequently offer more texts and more call minutes compared to a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) or mobile phone contract. Usually, users are permitted to call on the same network at no cost on some connections while calling to other network only charge a standard flat rate.

A SIM-only is suitable for users who:

  • Already own a handset. Users who want to get a SIM only service must have their phone unlocked first, or they may switch to a SIM only deal that is offered by an existing phone service provider.
  • Do not want to be tied to a long-term agreement. A SIM only contract is available for 30 days, although there are longer contracts that can range between 3 to 12 months. On a 30-day contract, a user is given one month’s notice to terminate the deal if he/she wants to switch to another service provider.
  • Those who want to try a different provider with little risk. Try a different network to check for better coverage for calls and mobile broadband downloads.
  • Are looking to reduce their monthly phone bills. Cheaper tariffs are available as the network provider is not subsidising the cost of the handset allowing for better budgeting with the flexibility to end the contract early on the 30 day contracts.
  • Have the difficulty in getting a mobile contract deal. With less stringent credit checks as provider do not have to recoup the cost of the handset. Individuals can find it easier to go SIM-only than a contract with handset.
  • Want a great way to have a second mobile connection. Imagine having a second line where you can keep your business and personal contacts separate.
  • Are SIM free mobile users that often change their handsets, and prefer SIM card deals and as they don’t want to be tied down. In addition mobile phone numbers can be transferred when switching tariffs. Mobile users have to contact their existing provider to obtain a PUK code.
  • These types of contracts offer many benefits. With this option, one can enjoy cheaper SMS texts, calls and other mobile phone services unlike with a full contract since the price does not include the cost of the mobile phone.
  • Mobile phone users are not tied to a long-term binding contract and thus, in case of problems with services, it will be easier to switch to another provider. It offers flexibility for those that are looking for a short agreement.
  • Smartphone users and iPhone users will prefer these packages as iPhone SIM only deals come with more bundled data than with a contract phone.
  • Many of the disadvantages with SIM only plans are that there is no chance of acquiring the latest smartphones with one of these deals. In addition you are required to have a phone where you can activate the SIM card.
  • The end user is required to have a phone for this type of service to work. If a phone is locked to particular provider it must be unlocked to work with a different network. Once on the plan the allowance is not carried over if it is not used.

Which SIM size do I need?

There are three SIM sizes to choose from. Standard SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM.

Some non-smartphones do still take a standard SIM though. Our brilliantly-designed triple SIM means that it will fit any phone, whether you need a standard, micro or nano SIM.

Can I get a 4G SIM only plan?

Absolutely. Our new goodybags include 4G data as standard. Get in. Choose the goodybag with the best mix of UK data, minutes and texts to suit you. A 4G ready phone and coverage is required to access 4G data speeds.

¿Qué ventajas tienen las tarjetas de descuentos para jóvenes y estudiantes?

Las tarjetas de descuentos para estudiantes y jóvenes, son el resultado del trabajo que empresas públicas y privadas han realizado para abaratar los gastos de la población que menos capacidad adquisitiva tiene, como es el caso de los jóvenes entre 16 y 30 años que siguen estudiando.

Estas tarjetas las encontrarás en formato de plástico o digital, que funciona a través de las APPS de la empresa que hayas elegido.

Estas tarjetas de estudiantes son perfectas para los jóvenes que quieren conseguir descuentos por la compra de servicios, ropa, artículos de salud y belleza, restaurantes, eventos culturales, transporte y mucho más.

¿Qué requisitos necesito para tener una tarjeta de estudiante en Reino Unido?

Para poder optar a estas tarjetas de estudiantes (UK Student Cards), debes tener más de 16 años y ser estudiante de un curso part-time o full-time (duración mínima de 15 horas por semana) en further education, que es cualquier curso o formación educativa postsecundaria, como cursos de inglés, formaciones universitarias, formaciones profesionales, etc.

Algunas tarjetas sí aceptan estudiantes menores de 16 años, como es el caso de la tarjeta ISIC, que te presentamos más adelante, y que permite a estudiantes a partir de 12 años solicitarla.

¿Dónde encontrar tarjetas de descuentos y promociones para estudiantes?

Save the

La web Save the actualiza regularmente las promociones que van saliendo para estudiantes en el Reino Unido.

Haz click en el siguiente enlace para dirigirte a su web:

¿Cuánto cuesta una tarjeta de estudiante en Reino Unido

Hay Student Card que son gratuitas, y otras que las encuentras desde en torno a £10-30, dependiendo de la empresa proveedora. La valided de estas tarjetas suele ser de 12 meses, después de ese tiempo, si deseas seguir usándolas tendrás que renovar.

¿Dónde puedo conseguir descuentos de estudiante?

Las tarjetas de descuento para estudiantes (Student discount cards) funcionan en una amplia variedad de tiendas situadas en calles comerciales, al igual que varias cadenas de restaurantes. Pero además, ¡por internet también te beneficiarás de descuentos!.

Grandes empresas como Apple, Amazon, Topshop y Nandos ofrecen descuentos a estudiantes, pero para ello debes tener sus tarjetas de estudiantes.

En la mayoría de sitios que ofrecen descuento a estudiantes, sólo te pedirán tu tarjeta de estudiante de tu universidad o academia de inglés, y te ofrecerán descuentos del 10% - 20%.

El transporte público también ofrece descuentos a estudiantes, con las tarjetas Railcard para trayectos en tren, o la Oyster Student Card para el transporte público londinense.

 Otras dudas frecuentes sobre descuentos para estudiantes en Reino Unido.

Netflix no ofrece ningún descuento para estudiante.

La subscripción básica cuesta £5.99 al mes, para poder ver tus películas, series y documentales favoritos en una televisión.

Los estudiantes en Reino Unido pueden obtener hasta un 10% de descuento en todos los nuevos modelos de Mac (Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, Macbook Air e iMac) y tambíen en los modelos de tablets.

También encontrarás descuentos de estudiante en una variedad de accesorios Apple.

Desafortunadamente los teléfonos Iphone y los relojes Apple Watch no ofrecen descuentos para estudiantes.

Amazon ofrece a estudiantes inscritos a algún College, la subscripción llamada "Amazon Prime Student"

Esta oferta incluye los primeros 6 meses gratuitos de todas las ventajas que te ofrece Amazon Prime, y después de ese periodo de prueba, sólo pagarás la mitad de precio. £3.99 al mes.

Primark no ofrece ningún descuento para estudiantes, aun así, gracias a sus bajos precios, es una de las tiendas más populares entre los estudiantes de Londres y Reino Unido.