giffgaff PIN Code

  What is the default PIN Code for my giffgaff SIM?

The default PIN code for your giffgaff SIM card is:


What is a PIN code?

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) code is a password, which must be enabled to prevent any other person without your authorization from accessing your mobile phone.

The PIN is a numerical code that you have to enter every time you want to start your device (unless you have disabled the PIN security feature).

The PIN is associated with the SIM card (not the phone) and must be entered each time the phone is switched on. If a wrong PIN code is entered three times in a row, your mobile phone will be locked. To unlock it you will have to dial the PUK code.

Both the PIN and the PUK codes are supplied by giffgaff, but only the PIN code can be changed.

What is a PIN2 and PUK2 codes?

A PIN2 is a Code used to protect specific actions, for example, changing the PIN code (1). If you enter the PIN2 incorrectly too many times, your mobile phone will apply a further lock. To unlock it, you will need a PUK2 code.

What is a PIN2 code? Where can I obtain one?

If your mobile phone asks you a PIN2 code, the default giffgaff PIN2 code is 6666.

If you insert incorrect PIN2 codes in a row, you´ll need a PUK2 to unblock these operations.

How can I obtain a PUK2 code?

If you insert incorrect PIN2 codes, you will need a PUK2 to unblock these operations.

A PUK2 code must be requested from our Gifffgaff network support desk via escalation.

This can take up to 5 working days to retrieve, so please be patient.